Dianthus Seeds

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Dianthus 'Grenadin Mixed'
Dianthus Chinensis
Carnation, Chinese Pinks, Dianthus 

Dianthus 'Grenadin' are striking plants with vivid pink, red and white coloured flowers. Each flower is around 5cm across on top of an upright branching stem. Dianthus are compact, semi-hardy annuals, reaching around 15cm tall. They are perfect for containers and small gardens. Their eye-catching colours and large petals make them well suited to adding to salads or for decorating cakes and desserts.

Grenadin carnations freely produce large double, wonderfully fragrant flowers on long, stiff stems. Blooms attract butterflies and make superb cut flowers.

Average height: 15cm
Aspect: Full sun 
Soil type: Grows in most soil types. Soil must be well drained.
Sowing period: From January to April indoors. Gradually harden off before planting out
First signs of blossom: 12 weeks
Average flowering period: 4-5 months
Contents: Approximately 50 seeds

Maintain good air movement through the crop, particularly at the seedling stage, and water in the morning, rather than the evening, to keep the foliage dry and lessen attack by botrytis.

Harvest flowers as soon as they are open. The best time to pick the flowers is in the morning when they are fully open.