Edge & Border Seed Mix

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Designed to dispense with the need for weeding in the cracks and along edges and borders. Particularly suited to well prepared dry stony or sandy soils this mixture complements the wild vegetation that inevitably develops in these soil types .
  • Contains 17 species - combining hardy annuals for first year flowering, and perennials.
  • Sow directly into the soil along edges and borders. We recommend breaking up the soil using a rake or cultivator beforehand. By doing so the seed will make better contact with the soil, enhancing germination.

Average height: - 50cm Aspect: Sunny area Soil type: Dry, Stony, Sandy Sowing time: Autumn (pref) or Spring, up to June First signs of blossom: 6 to 8 weeks after sowing. From April in the second year Average flowering period: 3 months Price: RRP £14.99 to cover 7 square metres

Our packaging is made from FSC recycled cardboard and environmentally friendly inks. The seed bags are waxed paper or compostable starch to keep seeds in the best condition during storage.

17 annual & perennial species including Lobularia maritima, Viola tricolor, Lagurus ovatus, Achillea millefolium, Bellis perennis, Cheiranthus allionii, Cheiranthus maritimus, Eschscholtzia californica, Linaria maroccana and Viola cornuta.

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