Extra Short Seed Mix

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Why not remove a swathe of turf at the margins of your lawn and create a beautiful extra-short wildlife friendly carpet of flowers?
  • Particularly short, with excellent covering capability, this mixture consists of annual and perennial flowers.
  • Perfectly suited for very small gardens, rock gardens, or areas around terraces. Flowering for two years or more, it will grow even in rocky soil, and is ideal at the base of trees as an alternative to herbicides.

Average height: 20cm Aspect: Sunny area Soil type: Loam, Dry, Stony, Sandy Sowing time: Spring or Autumn First signs of blossom: 6 to 8 weeks after sowing & from April in the second year Average flowering period: 3 months Price: from £14.99 to cover 7 square metres

26 annual & perennial species including Aurinia saxatile, Cerastium tomentosum, Cheiranthus allionii, Chrysanthemum  paludosium,  Dianthus heddewigii, Dorontheanthus bellidiformis, Eschscholtzia caespitosa, Lobularia maritima, Nemophila discoidalis, Nemophila menziesii and Viola cornuta.  

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