Wild Primrose

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Wild Primrose Seeds

Primula vulgaris
Primrose, Common Primrose, English Primrose, First Rose.

This pretty wildflower has sweet, delicately scented, pale yellow edible flowers. The young leaves are also edible and can be added to salads. Wild primroses are a hardy perennial which will provide you with a lovely natural carpet of flowers in the early spring.


Average height: 10cm
Aspect: Sunny position or partial shade.
Soil type: Most soil conditions, provided they are kept moist
Sowing period: March to May or August to September
First signs of blossom: Late winter through to early summer
Average flowering period: 2 months
Contents: Approximately 50 seeds

Popular with bees and other pollinating insects

Flowers can be harvested as soon as they appear. Pick flowers by taking the whole stem, low down to the plant, and then remove all the green parts. The remaining yellow petals are edible. Regular dead-heading of any unused flowers will promote additional flowering and keep the plant looking at its best.