Bees Seedball Mix

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This mix uses only wildflower species recommended by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, that are rich in pollen and nectar which pollinators can easily access from spring until late summer.

Each seed ball is made from a mixture of British Native wildflower seeds, powdered red clay, compost and red chilli powder.

Foxglove - Digitalis purpurea - Perennial - Flowers May-September
Viper's-Bugloss - Echium vulgare - Perennial - Flowers June-September
Birdsfoot trefoil - Lotus corniculatus - Perennial - Flowers April-September
Wild marjoram - Origanum vulgare - Perennial - Flowers June-October
Red clover - Trifolium pretense - Perennial - Flowers April-November

Each seed ball contains approximately 100 bee mix seeds.
This mix is best scattered in the spring or autumn.

500g bag contains roughly 450 seed balls and will cover an area of  up to 30 m2 (at least 15-20 seed balls per m2 is recommended).