Elegance Seed Mix

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The Summer flowers family is designed using spectacular annual species. Elegance is a vibrant floral arrangement. The Gypsophila and Linaria species are the first to bloom, followed by Flax, Poppy, Zinnia and Ammi majus. This mixture is perfect for providing country-style bouquets throughout the summer. Average Height: 70-80cm Aspect: Sunny area Soil type: Loam Sowing time: March to June. First signs of blossom: 6-8 weeks after sowing Average flowering period: 3-4 months Coverage: 3-7 square metres 26 annual flowering species including Bidens aurea, Centaurea cyanus, Chrysanthemum segetum, Coreopsis tinctoria, Eschscholtzia californica, Gypsophila elegans, Lavatera trimestris, Linaria maroccana, Linum grandiflorum, Nigella damascena, Papaver rhoeas and Zinnia dahlia