Flowery Mead

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A blend of native wildflowers and grasses to produce a flower-rich lawn. Like old fashioned pasture, the grass and flowers provide colour and food for insects and butterflies, but the shorter length of the grass makes a usable space for people too.



Control any perennial weeds such as docks or thistles. Prepare the ground for sowing in late summer - by cutting and/or grazing very hard, and create gaps with harrows or by raking (aiming to create around 50% bare soil). Sow in spring or autumn. Coverage: Approximately 10 square metres

 100% British Native Grasses & Wildflowers Species List; Grasses - Common Bent, Crested Dogtail, Slender-creeping, Red-fescue, Smaller Cat's-tail Wildflowers - Yarrow, Betony, Common Knapweed, Greater Knapweed, Wild Carrot, Meadowsweet, Hedge Bedstraw, Lady's Bedstraw, Rough Hawkbit, Oxeye Daisy, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Wild Marjoram, Hoary Plantain, Salad Burnet, Cowslip, Selfheal, Meadow Buttercup, Yellow Rattle, Common Sorrel, Red Campion, Ragged Robin, Wild Red Clover, Tufted Vetch.