Aphid Control Seed Mix

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The selection of flowers in this mixture is designed primarily to attract beneficial insects (hoverflies, lacewings, ladybirds, etc.) that control aphid populations.
Restores ecological balance.
Attracts beneficial insects and draws pests away from the vegetable garden.
In the second year, the regrowth of flowers attracts aphid-eating hoverfly larvae in early spring, thereby creating great potential for controlling aphids.

  • Average height: 70cm
  • Aspect: Sunny area
  • Soil type: Loam, Clay
  • Sowing period: Spring or Autumn
  • First signs of blossom: 6 to 8 weeks after sowing, or from April in the second year
  • Average flowering period: 3 months
  • Coverage: 7 square metres

24 annual & perennial species

including Agrostemma githago, Ammi majus, Anthmis tinctoria, Centaurea cyanus, Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, Chrysanthemum segetum, Cichorium intybus, Linum perenne, Lotus corniculatus, Melilotus officinalis, Papaver rhoeas and Phacelia tanacetifolia