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Pea 'Carouby du Maussane' Seeds

Pisum sativum
English Pea, Field Pea, Green Pea, Fresh Pea, Pigeon Pea, Legume

Peas are easy to grow and provide a delicious crop throughout their life, firstly pea shoots, then pea flowers, followed by the peas and also the tips of the maturing plants. 'Carouby du Mausanne' is almost certainly 19th century - a traditional purple flowered pea which produces large mangetout which are very delicious raw or cooked.


Average height: 1.5m
Aspect: Sunny position
Soil type: Peas like to grow in fertile soil which is moist, but well drained, and has plenty of organic matter added
Sowing period: March to June
First signs of blossom: 8 weeks
Average flowering period:  5-6 months. Each flower lasts only a few days before dropping off and being replaced by an immature pea pod
Contents: Approximately 50 seeds

Try growing your peas up a wigwam frame made from bamboo canes, or build a fence for them to grow up from willow or hazel sticks.

Flowers which are to be harvested should be picked as soon as they are open, or whilst still in the bud phase. Be aware that every flower picked is a potential pea pod. For this reason we suggest that you sow more peas than you would ordinarily. Harvest from the bottom of the plant first, working upwards, as the oldest flowers and peas are at the bottom of the plant.