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Polyanthus 'Crown Exhibition Mixed'

Primula, Primrose

Polyanthus are pretty, edible flowers in a variety of reds, yellows, pinks and blues. The flowers are edible and have a delicate sweet flavour which, combined with their striking appearance, makes them a stunning addition to a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes. The young leaves are also edible and can be added to salads or used as a green vegetable. 

Perfect for creating a cottage garden feel, Polyanthus look lovely planted in small groups at the front of flower borders, or around shrubs and small trees. If growing in containers, ensure the soil neither dries out, nor becomes waterlogged.


Average height: 15-20cm
Aspect: Full sun
Soil type: Most soil types, as long as kept moist
Sowing period: January to July
First signs of blossom: 8 to 10 weeks
Average flowering period: 4 months
Contents: Approximately 50 seeds


Flowers can be harvested as soon as they appear. Pick flowers taking the whole stem, low down to the plant, and then remove the calyx (the green parts beneath the flower head)