Giant Hyssop

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Giant Hyssop Seeds

Agastache Rugosa
Agastache, Wrinkled Giant Hyssop, Korean Hyssop, Purple Giant Hyssop, Korean Mint, Blue Liquorice, Huo Xiang, Indian Mint, Patchouli Herb

Giant hyssop is a perennial, but is most often grown as a half-hardy annual. The edible foliage of flowers have a mint/anise flavour which combined with a beautiful colouring, make it a popular garden plant and edible flower.


Average height: 60cm
Aspect: Sunny spot - doesn't like shade
Soil type: Soil should be rich and moist, but well drained, although it can grow in most soil types, and can thrive in poorer, drier soils.
Sowing period: February to April
First signs of blossom: 12 weeks
Average flowering period: 2-3 months
Contents: Approximately 50 seeds

Giant hyssop makes a lovely addition to a cottage garden planting scheme. It makes an attractive addition to borders or wildlife gardens, being highly attractive to pollinating insects (on the RHS Perfect for Pollinators list). Its minty fragrance adds a lovely scent to the garden, so try planting where you will benefit from its fragrance.

Leaves can be picked as soon as they appear, although for a healthy plant it is best to let it become fully established. Flowers may be harvested as soon as they appear. Whole stems may be cut out, and both leaves and flowers from that stem can then be used.