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Mallow 'Zebrina' Seeds 

Malva Sylvestris
French Hollyhock, Tall Mallow, Common Mallow

Mallow 'Zebrina' is a beautiful hardy perennial which provides large striking bicolour pink and violet striped flowers with pretty lobed foliage, both of which are edible. It is a lovely tall traditional cottage garden flower which may be grown in borders of containers.


Average height: 1.2m
Aspect: Prefers to grow in full sun. Will tolerate semi-shade, but will tend to be slightly spindly
Soil type: May be grown in most ordinary soils, but prefers moderately fertile and well-drained
Sowing period: February to June or September to October
First signs of blossom: 8 weeks
Average flowering period:  3-4 months
Contents: Approximately 50 seeds

Flowers in the first year between June and September. Ensure flowers are regularly deadheaded. Cut back in autumn after flowering.

Harvest flowers as soon as they are open. Best eaten fresh. The leaves are also edible and make lovely additions to a foraged salad.