Salad Seedballs

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A selection of lovely frilly salad! A simple way to grow from seed.
Clay ball (plus added chilli) naturally protects seed from predators, such as ants, birds and slugs. Easy to use - no need to 'plant', just scatter on top of soil or compost.

  • Ideal for garden beds, planting pots and window boxes.
  • Each tin contains 20 seed balls.
  • Each seed ball contains approximately 30 Salad Mix seeds.
  • Can be scattered in spring through to the end of summer.
  • Leaving some plants to flower will provide tasty food for bees and butterflies too.

Species included: Mustard (Red Frills) - Brassica juncea Mustard (Green Frills) - Brassica juncea Kale (Red Russian) - Brassica oleracea Cress (Greek) - Lepideum sativum Salad Rocket (Dentellata) - Eruca vesicaria ssp. sativa