Toby's Pocket Meadow Project

Toby's Pocket Meadow Project

Everyone is invited to get involved . We'll help you to grow wildlife friendly flowers from seed, and learn how to create much-needed pollinator-friendly forage and nesting habitats.

'How to' videos

For the tenth Garden Fest on 3rd and 4th May, festival host Toby Buckland joined Meadow In My Garden to launch The Pocket Meadow Project, an initiative that raises awareness of the habitat loss facing bees and other insect pollinators, and gives gardeners the tools to do something about it! 

Although the scheme launches at Powderham Castle, the aim is to stay connected via National insect monitoring schemes and repeat this community-based model, creating a domino effect across the country.

Toby says...

'I speak to so many gardeners who, in the face of our changing climate and landscape, feel powerless to make a difference. And that's where the Pocket Meadow Project comes in. Although the individual flower meadows might be small, together they create a network of much needed feed stations for our threatened bees - where we can monitor, learn and share our experiences.'

CONTACT US to learn how you can get involved with the Pocket Meadow Project.

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