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Sow a flower meadow in September or October - special offers on fresh seed stocks...

The best time to sow our hardy annual and perennial flower mixes is September or October, and we have fresh seed to create a flower meadow that will be in bloom from early summer 2021


What we're about...

Meadow In My Garden is a not-for-profit community interest company specialising in flower meadow creation from seed. We're really concerned about the state of nature, and since 2011 we have been helping people to go wild in their gardens, and working with community groups, councils and landscapers to create wildlife friendly planting schemes across the UK.


The Meadow In My Garden is the most beautiful buzzing joyous thing I have ever grown...get these seeds


The flowers we planted in Plymouth back in the spring did really well and we’re now looking to do another large area this autumn, hopefully followed by a few more places next spring. 

Laura - Buglife

Paul's passion for wildflowers has inspired and enthused the CUDS. The seed mixes he supplies come up trumps every time. 

Clean Up Devizes Squad

The meadow in my daughter's garden is going from strength to strength, attracting so many butterflies and bugs.

Thank you Meadow In My Garden - my grandson is loving it!


Thank you @MeadowInGarden for the seeds that just kept on giving colour and enjoyment right into November. 

Jennifer @SewBristol