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Agrimony Seeds

Agrimonia eupatoria
Church Steeples

Tall yellow spires. Agrimony is a member of the rose family although the flowers actually smell weakly of apricots. It grows in a range of grassy habitats including hedge banks, woodland edges, roadside verges and open grassland. The fruit of agrimony has rough burs which catch in the coats of animals to distribute the seed. 


Contents: Approximately 50 seeds

Average height: 50-100cm
Aspect: Sun or semi-shade
Soil type: nutrient-poor, calcareous and well aerated soils
Sowing time: March or October
Flowering period: June-September
Colour: Yellow

The seeds are best sown in March directly into soil or can be sown in pots. If growing in pots then a large volume planter is recommended to accommodate the very long rhizome. It is also possible to sow the seeds in autumn (mid-October), as the herb is a cold germ and requires longer phases with low temperatures for germination.

Did you know? Agrimony has been used medicinally since ancient times to heal eyes, but its many other uses include stopping bleeding and the healing of wounds.

Our packaging is made from FSC recycled cardboard and environmentally friendly inks. The seed bags are waxed paper or compostable starch to keep seeds in the best condition during storage. 

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