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Meadow in My Garden



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Sainfoin Seeds

Onobrychis Vicifolia

Spires of pink flowers, loved by bees. Can be used as a cover crop or green manure or just enjoyed for its beauty. Sainfoin is a nitrogen fixer, so Rhizobia in root nodules of sainfoin fix nitrogen and boost soil nitrogen. The roots penetrate to great depths and pull nutrients up from the subsoil. 


Sow from approximately 2g per sqm (when sowing with grass)

net weight: 10g

Average height: 50-150cm
Aspect: Sun or semi-shade
Soil type: Thin chalk, limestone or stony soils
Sowing time: April/May preferable, but can be sown as late as august
Flowering period: May to August
Colour: Pink, purple, white

With its extended flowering period and the fact that sainfoin produces more honey than any other legume, it is invaluable to pollinators, attracting a wide range of bumble and honey bees, butterflies and many other invertebrates.

Our packaging is made from FSC recycled cardboard and environmentally friendly inks. The seed bags are waxed paper or compostable starch to keep seeds in the best condition during storage. 

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