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Viper's Bugloss

Viper's Bugloss

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Viper's Bugloss Seeds

Echium vulgare
Adderwort, blue devil, blue thistle, blueweed, bugloss, cat's tail, snake flower, viper's grass, viper's herb

Viper's Bugloss is a biennial wildflower, often found in grassy and disturbed situations. It's extremely attractive to pollinators, especially bees.


Contents: Approximately 100 seeds  

Average height: 90cm
Aspect: Full sun
Soil type: Most soil types
Sowing period: March-April
Flowering period: May-June
Colour: Blue, pink

Viper's Bugloss bears rosettes of slender, bristly foliage, from which upright leafy stems emerge in early summer bearing spikes of violet blue or purple, bell-shaped flowers. It's perfect for growing in a wildlife garden or mini-meadow, but is also suitable for growing at the front of a sunny border.

For best results grow Echium vulgare in well-drained soil in full sun. Avoid cutting stems back after flowering, as these will develop seeds, which will self-sow freely around the garden.

Our packaging is made from FSC recycled cardboard and environmentally friendly inks. The seed bags are waxed paper or compostable starch to keep seeds in the best condition during storage. 

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